The Club plays in three different Leagues, Jack Jackson, Croydon Friends and Roy Godden.

A fixture in the Jack Jackson League consists of one game played over 15 ends and utilises ESMBA rules. There are two trial ends permitted before the game starts. The league has 3 divisions, at the end of the season, the top two teams in Divisions 2 & 3 become promoted and the bottom two teams are relegated. We currently have three teams competing in this league (A, B and C). Next season we will have team A in Division 1, and teams B and C in Division 2. Each team consists of four players. A player may play up into another team but may only do so three times, after which he cannot return to his original team.

The Croydon Friends league runs two competitions concurrently, a club competition and a team competition. Bloomfield’s teams are known as Clockhouse and Woodman. When a match is played two mats are used. To start with both of Bloomfield’s two teams play our opposing club’s two teams in a game of nine ends. When this has been completed a second set of two games, consisting of nine ends, are played with the opposition teams staying on the mats that they first played on and Bloomfield’s teams swapping mats. The club competition is determined on shot difference for the whole of the four games. For the team competition each team is awarded two points for each game won. Although ESMBA rules are used there are local rule variations (e.g. two shots are awarded for taking the jack off the mat) in order to keep time down to a minimum. Each team consists of four players although, with sixteen games to play, it is necessary to have a squad of players from which to select. Trial ends are played prior to the first game but teams go straight in to the second game.

For Roy Godden matches each club requires three teams of four players and three mats on which to play the match. The match consists of nine games of seven ends being played and the match result determined on shot difference of the totals of the shots awarded. Having played the first game one club rotates to the next mat in a clockwise direction while the other club rotates in an anticlockwise direction such that everyone has a new opponent and a new mat. There are no trial ends but only one shot is awarded for the first end of each game.

In an ideal world one would require thirty six players so that all players would play in a reasonably similar number of matches. Anything less that this number signing up results in some players being asked to play in more than one league. It is quite likely that this year we will have about twenty five players available, although we do have other members who will come in on isolated instances.


BMSC is situated in Woodmansterne Village Hall, Carshalton Road, Banstead SM7 3HR (click for location map).

Roll-ups are played on:

Sunday 6.30-9.00pm

Monday 7.30-10.00 pm

Thursday 2.30-5.00 pm.

Come along and try it, instructions for beginners is provided and equipment can be borrowed.

All enquiries to cluffs@ntlworld.com